Why do people want to buy my Hand Painted Silk Scarves and Art Panels.


1.A Unique Silk Scarf for YOURSELF to look great, 

 stylish and feel uplifted.

2. A Unique Art Panel to brighten up your Home and Garden.

3. To give a GIFT of Wearable Art (Hand Painted Silk Scarf)

    you will be in their hearts forever.

4. GIFTS of love are forever remembered - unique original Art Works.

5. Silk Scarves and Art Panels are great GIFTS for

   Wives, Mothers, Aunts, Grandmothers, Daughters, 

   Best Friends, Teachers, Fiancees, Girlfriends, Lovers ...

6. Occasions for Giving Silk and Art GIFTS are 

     Birthdays, Christmas, Graduation, Remembrance, for 

     saying Thank you, a Surprise Gift, for achievement,   

     to cheer a loved one up, to say "I love you".